Jason Haas is Ready for What's Next


I need your help to continue my work making sure we have clean parks and better transit. Every dollar you contribute with ensures I can continue working to ensure responsive, people-first governance in Milwaukee County. Thank you for your support.

Join my Pi Day fundraiser!

On Monday, March 14, we will be celebration Pi Day with a lively fundraiser at Support Supervisor Jason Haas's re-election to the Milwaukee County Board, and enjoy some great pie on Pi Day, Monday 3/14!

Pi Day is that special day for celebrating the magical ratio at the heart of every circle — and eating some delicious pie made by our great friends!

Our gracious hosts at Hawthorne Coffee Roasters and Iron Grate BBQ will have their delicious food and coffee available for purchase that evening.

SPONSORSHIP LEVELS: (In multiples of π, of course!)

Contribute online via ActBlue!

Archimedes: $314.15
Pythagoras: $235.61
Euclid: $157.08 (sponsor at this level or higher and your pie request will be honored!)
Hero: $94.25
Thales: $41.70
Simplicius: $31.40